Belmont County Pet Services (Ohio)

Animal Hospitals in Belmont County, Ohio provide medical treatment to animals, including animal medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, surgical procedures, emergency medical services, dental services, and other medical care for animals.

Kindler Animal Hospital St. Clairsville OH 69999 Barton Road 43950 740-695-9441

Martins Ferry Animal Hospital Martins Ferry OH 1406 South Zane Highway 43935 740-633-1162

New Horizon Animal Hospital St. Clairsville OH 52635 Bellaire-High Ridge Road 43950 740-695-8387

St Clair Animal Hospital St. Clairsville OH 273 East Main Street 43950 740-695-2151

Animal Shelters in Belmont County, OH provide pet adoption services, including dog adoption, cat adoption, neutering and spaying services, animal foster care, animal control services, and lost pet services.

Belmont County Animal Rescue League St. Clairsville OH PO Box 115 43950 614-695-4708

Belmont County Animal Shelter St. Clairsville OH 45244 National Road West 43950 740-695-4708