Wayne County Pet Services (New York)

Find Wayne County, NY veterinarians, pet stores, animal shelters, dog parks, animal hospitals, pet sitters & boarding near me, including locations, hours, and phone numbers.

Animal Hospitals in Wayne County, New York provide medical treatment to animals, including animal medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, surgical procedures, emergency medical services, dental services, and other medical care for animals.

County Line Animal Hospital Ontario NY 118 New York 104 14519 585-265-0030

Newark Veterinary Hospital Newark NY 155 West Shore Boulevard 14513 315-331-0965

Palmyra Animal Hospital Palmyra NY 1215 Canandaigua Road 14522 315-597-4567

Sodus Veterinary Hospital Williamson NY 5920 New York 104 14589 315-483-8900

Walworth Animal Hospital Walworth NY 1711 Walworth Penfield Road 14568 315-986-1616

Williamson Animal Hospital Williamson NY 4450 New York 104 14589 315-589-8439

Animal Shelters in Wayne County, NY provide pet adoption services, including dog adoption, cat adoption, neutering and spaying services, animal foster care, animal control services, and lost pet services.

Palmyra Town Animal Control Palmyra NY 201 East Main Street 14522 315-597-1127