Fayette County Pet Services (Kentucky)

Find Fayette County, KY veterinarians, pet stores, animal shelters, dog parks, animal hospitals, pet sitters & boarding near me, including locations, hours, and phone numbers.

Animal Hospitals in Fayette County, Kentucky provide medical treatment to animals, including animal medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, surgical procedures, emergency medical services, dental services, and other medical care for animals.

All Creatures Great & Small Animal Hospital Lexington KY 470 East New Circle Road 40505 859-389-7387

Eastland Animal Hospital Lexington KY 1301 Eastland Drive 40505 859-255-8481

Green Tree Animal Hospital Lexington KY 4371 Old Harrodsburg Road 40513 859-429-0933

Hartland Park Animal Hospital Lexington KY 4750 Hartland Parkway 40515 859-245-7387

Lexington Hospital For Cats Lexington KY 271 Southland Drive 40503 859-277-8048

Lexington Village Animal Hospital Lexington KY 1801 Alexandria Drive 40504 859-252-4917

MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers For Pets Lexington KY 150 Dennis Drive 40503 859-276-2505

Mill Creek Animal Hospital Lexington KY 811 East Main Street 40502 803-359-1933

Nicholasville Road Animal Hospital Lexington KY 4570 Nicholasville Road 40515 859-273-9359

Noah's Ark Animal Hospital Lexington KY 1060 Chinoe Road 40502 859-269-0600

Pennyroyal Small & Exotic Animal Hospital Lexington KY 247 Regency Circle 40503 859-277-4315

Regency Animal Hospital Lexington KY 2532 Regency Road 40503 859-277-7387

Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic Lexington KY 3270 Richmond Road 40509 859-263-5037

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital Lexington KY 2150 Georgetown Road 40511 859-233-0371

Sheabel Veterinary Hospital Lexington KY 2568 Richmond Road 40509 859-269-7387

Southland Veterinary Hospital Lexington KY 2105 Eastway Drive 40503 859-277-0703

Southland Veterinary Hospital Lexington KY 300 Southland Drive 40503 859-278-2386

Animal Shelters in Fayette County, KY provide pet adoption services, including dog adoption, cat adoption, neutering and spaying services, animal foster care, animal control services, and lost pet services.

2x2 Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary Lexington KY 2220 Nicholasville Road 40503 859-619-4874

Equine Transitional Training Alliance Lexington KY PO Box 24834 40524 857-846-5655

Finally Home Chinchilla Rescue Lexington KY Belleau Wood Drive 40517

Haven for Dogs, Inc. Lexington KY PO Box 22505 40522 859-873-2330

Lexington Humane Society Lexington KY 1600 Old Frankfort Pike 40504 859-233-0044

New Chin Beginnings Lexington KY 1589 Springfield Drive 40515

Dog Parks in Fayette County, Kentucky offer off-lease areas for dogs, dog recreational services, exercise spaces, outdoor space for dogs, and some have ponds, water features, agility equipment, and pickup stations.

Chinoe Creek Dog Park Lexington KY 3522 Creekwood Drive 40502 859-554-3324

Wellington Dog Park Lexington KY 565 Wellington Way 40503 859-288-2900