Dubuque County Pet Services (Iowa)

Animal Hospitals in Dubuque County, Iowa provide medical treatment to animals, including animal medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, surgical procedures, emergency medical services, dental services, and other medical care for animals.

Adams Pet Hospital Asbury IA 5875 Saratoga Road 52002 563-582-5500

Central Animal Hospital Dubuque IA 1865 Central Avenue 52001 563-557-1515

Colonial Terrace Animal Hospital Dubuque IA 2777 University Avenue 52001 563-556-2667

Neumeister Animal Hospital Dubuque IA 3675 Crescent Ridge 52003 563-582-8417

Vanderloo & White Animal Hospital Dubuque IA 3350 Asbury Road 52002 563-556-3013

Animal Shelters in Dubuque County, IA provide pet adoption services, including dog adoption, cat adoption, neutering and spaying services, animal foster care, animal control services, and lost pet services.

Dubuque Animal Control Dubuque IA 1300 Main Street 52001 563-589-4185

Dubuque Regional Humane Society Dubuque IA 4242 Chavenelle Road 52002 563-582-6766

High Steppin Farm Equine Rescue Sherrill IA 19948 Durango Road 52073 563-590-9820