Mohave County Pet Services

Find Mohave County AZ veterinarians, pet stores, animal shelters, dog parks, animal hospitals, pet sitters & boarding near me, including locations, hours, and phone numbers.

Animal Hospitals in Mohave County, Arizona provide medical treatment to animals, including animal medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, surgical procedures, emergency medical services, dental services, and other medical care for animals.

Animal Hospital of Havasu Lake Havasu AZ 1990 Mesquite Avenue 86403 928-855-8122

Kingman Animal Hospital Kingman AZ 1650 East Northern Avenue 86409 928-757-4011

Manzanita Animal Hospital Kingman AZ 2323 Detroit Avenue 86401 928-753-6138

Mohave Valley Animal Hospital Mohave Valley AZ 10235 Barrackman Road 86440 928-768-3108

North Valley Pet Hospital Fort Mohave AZ 1440 Hammer Road 86426 928-768-8387

Spirit Mountain Animal Hospital Bullhead AZ 1670 Lakeside Drive 86442 928-758-3979

Stockton Hill Animal Hospital Kingman AZ 4335 Stockton Hill Road 86409 928-757-7979

Animal Shelters in Mohave County, AZ provide pet adoption services, including dog adoption, cat adoption, neutering and spaying services, animal foster care, animal control services, and lost pet services.

21st Century Animal Resource and Education Services Dolan Springs AZ PO Box 373 86441 928-767-4895

Bullhead City Animal Control Bullhead AZ 2270 Trane Road 86442 928-763-6000

Exotic Heritage Cat Association-Amer Kingman AZ 860 West Quail Crest Road 86409 928-757-1437

Help Animals Lives Today Kingman AZ 6625 North Massachusetts Drive 86409 928-692-8940

Keepers of the Wild Valentine AZ 13441 Highway 66 86437 928-769-1800

Lake Havasu City Animal Control Lake Havasu AZ 1100 Empire Drive 86404 520-855-7479

Mohave County Animal Control Mohave Valley AZ 9880 Vanderslice Road 86440 928-768-3125

Mohave County Animal Control Kingman AZ 950 Buchanan Street 86401 928-753-2727

Niki's Pals 4 PAWS, Inc. Golden Valley AZ 5622 San Pedro Place 86413 928-897-9033

Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation Bullhead AZ PO Box 2477 86430 928-565-2275

Southern Clark County Laughlin Shelter Fort Mohave AZ 440 Hammer Rd 86426 520-768-8387

Western Arizona Humane Society Lake Havasu AZ 1100 Empire Drive 86404 520-855-5083

Dog Parks in Mohave County, Arizona offer off-lease areas for dogs, dog recreational services, exercise spaces, outdoor space for dogs, and some have ponds, water features, agility equipment, and pickup stations.

Lion's Dog Park Lake Havasu AZ 1340 McCulloch Boulevard North 86403 928-453-8686

Pet Sitters and Boarding in Mohave County, AZ provide care for pets, including overnight pet care, animal boarding facilities, pet walking, dog kennels, cat boarding, and other animal care services.

Havasu Pet Services Lake Havasu AZ 751 Delta Drive 86406 928-412-1813

Pupawrazzi Pet Sitting Lake Havasu AZ Talisman Drive 86406 928-412-0616

Pet Supply Stores in Mohave County, Arizona sell dog food, cat food, pet equipment, pet bedding, animal crates and cages, kitty litter, toys, exercise equipment, and other pet care products.

Havasu Pet Supply Lake Havasu AZ 2034 McCulloch Boulevard North 86403 928-855-3655

Paradise Pet Center Lake Havasu AZ 161 Swanson Avenue 86403 928-854-7778

Paradise Tropical Fish & Pet Lake Havasu AZ 2543 North Kiowa Boulevard 86403 928-854-7770

Pet Country Bullhead AZ 4558 Arizona 95 86426 928-758-1688

Pet Oasis Lake Havasu AZ 4081 Bison Boulevard 86404 928-505-7387

Pet Palace Bullhead AZ 695 Marina Boulevard 86442 928-758-4443

Pet Set Lake Havasu AZ 1944 West Acoma Boulevard 86403 928-680-6773

Pet Well Kingman AZ 1867 East Northern Avenue 86409 928-692-4371

PetSmart Bullhead AZ 3699 Arizona 95 86442 928-763-2829

PetSmart Lake Havasu AZ 5601 Arizona 95 86404 928-764-2500

PetSmart Kingman AZ 3260 Stockton Hill Road 86409 928-681-4815

Petco Kingman AZ 3320 Stockton Hill Road 86409 928-681-4101

Rosie's Pet Connection Lake Havasu AZ 4105 Vagabond Drive 86406 928-453-7387

Veterinarians in Mohave County, AZ provide medical treatment to animals, including routine medical care services, preventive care exams, diagnostic exams, laboratory services, dental services, animal medications, and other medical care for animals.

Advanced Animal Care Fort Mohave AZ 5842 Arizona 95 86426 928-770-4918

Colorado River Animal Medical Center Bullhead AZ 2079 Arizona 95 86442 928-763-7387

Hermosa Veterinary Clinic Lake Havasu AZ 53 Mulberry Avenue 86403 928-505-2131

Lange Veterinary Center Lake Havasu AZ 195 Paseo Del Sol 86403 928-453-2022

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic Kingman AZ 1707 East Andy Devine Avenue 86401 928-692-5226

McGuire Veterinary Services Lake Havasu AZ 3181 Maricopa Avenue 86406 928-854-6142

North Valley Animal Clinic Fort Mohave AZ 1440 Hammer Road 86426 928-768-8387

Novak Animal Care Center Lake Havasu AZ 332 London Bridge Road 86403 928-208-4906

Novak Animal Care Center Lake Havasu AZ 705 Kiowa Avenue 86403 928-854-8387

Paws And Claws Animal Care Lake Havasu AZ 2715 Maricopa Avenue 86406 928-505-6369

Wright Veterinary Service Kingman AZ 2444 Kingman Avenue 86401 928-718-1300